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Company profile

Ningbo IDA Shaft Co., Ltd. (Yuyao Xingda Spindle Factory) is a professional manufacturer of miniature, small motor shaft and various types of high-precision shaft.

Ningbo IDA Shaft Co., Ltd. was founded in 1984, experienced the ups and downs of the development of today's scale. Looking back, we have the joy of victory, but also the bitterness of the mistakes, but no matter what, we are working hard to create the "Ed shaft industry" lofty cause, in 2011 they invest in building Hefei Sidley Axle Co., Ltd..

With the rapid development of the market economy, the integration of the global economy has narrowed the distance between China and the rest of the world. While studying the world's advanced management experience and science and technology, we are also facing greater challenges. Aide people always maintain a strong sense of crisis and market awareness, and constantly improve their quality, standardize management, promote technological innovation, optimize the industrial structure, cultivate the core strength of enterprises and maintain the sustainable development of enterprises. In 2005, we invested more than 30 million yuan to expand the garden-type factory and introduced the advanced technology and management mode from Japan. We have expanded our workforce to more than 480 people on the original basis, of which 25% are professional and technical personnel. The production specifications range from Φ1 .5 mm-Φ45mm. Design and manufacture of up to ten categories, more than 2,000 kinds of specifications, which involve the field of aerospace, automobiles, pumps, power tools, household appliances, medical equipment, fitness equipment, food and other electrical shaft. Product quality to the domestic first-class level, to meet the different needs of various customers.

Ningbo Ed Axle Co., Ltd. has now become a domestic production hinge quite influential enterprises, supporting domestic enterprises have Haier, the United States, Gree, Shanghai Shu Air, Jiangsu Bao Li, Zhejiang Jingma, Daily Friendship, Zhejiang Wolong, etc. A number of automotive motor manufacturers and air-conditioning motor manufacturers. At the same time, the company has also developed into a foreign-funded enterprise such as America's Emerson, Italy's Emerson, Japan's Matsushita, South Korea's Samsung, Japan's Nissei, Germany Ville, France Ville and other companies, products by many users of all ages.

The company will be based on "compliance with the contract, quality first; excellence, striving Shagang boutique" business philosophy to meet the growing market demand.