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Shaft if worn will be what harm

2017/11/14 16:50:41

The main part between the product and the product must be applied to the shaft, which is called the shaft for both the bending moment and the torsion moment in the turning work. And if it has been worn, what kind of harm it will bring?

In fact, wear is the most common problem in the use of the shaft, mainly caused by the metal properties of the shaft: Although the hardness of metal is high, but poor concession (that is, after deformation can not be restored), poor fatigue resistance, poor impact resistance, So easily lead to abrasive wear, adhesive wear, fatigue wear, fretting wear and so on. Most of the shaft wear is not easy to detect, only the emergence of high temperature, large amplitude, abnormal sound, etc., will cause the perception, but when people find out, most of the shaft has been worn, resulting in machine downtime.