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You ignore the shaft there are these secrets

2017/11/14 17:14:42

The shaft, a part that is often overlooked. Now briefly introduce some of its little secrets.

1. The degree of shaft size affect the product's degree of thinness 

Shaft size is based on product structure and the actual needs of the design, the product installed in the closed state can see whether the product is light.

2. shaft Why grease

When the shaft is installed on the product for a long time, the opening and closing may not be smooth or sound when opening and closing. Adding grease can reduce the shaft wear and reduce the shaft opening and closing, thus prolonging the service life of the shaft.

3. The use of the environment on the axis of influence

The use of different environments, the requirements of the shaft is also different. For example, the shaft is mounted on the base of a television set. Generally, the size of the shaft is larger than that of a flying blade. Therefore, when selecting a shaft, a shaft having a large damping force and a long service life should be selected. For example, the shaft is mounted on an industrial chassis, Anti-corrosion ability has higher requirements.

4. Shaft effect

Products can be freely opened and closed at any angle, but also make the product can be used flexibly to change the use of different locations.